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dreaming in technicolor

(neon flashes of nothing)

Sometimes a wildKate, sometimes a common houseKate
5 October 1973
"You lie, in faith; for you are call'd plain Kate,
And bonny Kate and sometimes Kate the curst;
But Kate, the prettiest Kate in Christendom
Kate of Kate Hall, my super-dainty Kate,
For dainties are all Kates, and therefore, Kate,
Take this of me, Kate of my consolation;
Hearing thy mildness praised in every town,
Thy virtues spoke of, and thy beauty sounded,
Yet not so deeply as to thee belongs,
Myself am moved to woo thee for my wife."
--Act II, Scene I,
The Taming of the Shrew

And this is why I'm called Kate. Someone I once knew felt that it suited me after studying the play, and I've been Kate ever since.

Minor details about me:
-Notice that my birth year is included in my birthdate above. I have no problem admitting my age. In fact, I'm rather proud of myself for making it this far, all things considered.
-I have three cats, Cheese, Murabi, and Ophelia.
-I'm madly in love with some random Brit I met online, and will eventually marry him once we sort out the paperwork.
-I am a die-hard bleeding-heart liberal, and fiercely proud of it.
-No, I didn't really go to two high schools at the same time, despite what it says in my school listings. I just knew more people from a neighboring school than from my own.
-I have a few anger management issues. So a lot of what I write is not Happy Fluffy Bunny stuff. But then, a lot of it is.
-I love Happy Fluffy Bunnies. And cats.

The vast majority of my journal is public, except occasional rants that I wouldn't want the wrong eyes reading.
That's pretty much all you need to know about me. The rest is somewhere in the journal.

Oh, and one more thing: If your typing, grammar, and/or spelling are so bad that it looks like you're hurling large farm animals at the keyboard, you won't find yourself on my friends list. Or, to translate: TipE teh rIte wai d00d!! or i R tiNx U r teh suX0rz!!!1! eheheheheheheh LOOLOLOL!!!!11!!!one

Version: 3.1
GMD/P/FA d-- s---:+ a C+++(++) U--- P L E? W++ N w+ PS+++(++)PE Y+ t R
tv-- b+>++++ DI+++ D? G e* h+ r++>+++ x++>**

(In case you're too lazy/not geeky enough to decode it yourself.)

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